Political Engagement

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Political Engagement
The Recap
In this mission, we were looking for special moments of political engagement on behalf of commonly and internationally connecting values – when people stand up for social issues, equal opportunities and future-oriented politics - whether it is children or teenagers going on strike at school over climate change, women protesting for their rights, BIPOC demanding an entirely racism-free society, or journalists defending the freedom and independence of press.
It was important to us to deal sensitively with these sometimes very emotionally charged issues. The focus should be on a democratic attitude, on the equal treatment of all and provide a powerful reminder of how important it is to stand up for what unites us all: Being human, no matter where, no matter what gender, no matter what lifestyle, no matter where we come from. We distance ourselves from the positive portrayal of violence in any form in this context and envision a mature, informed and sensitive approach to the issue.
Let's stand together for powerful change for the better - with the help of your unique photographic insights into the political movements of our time. Thank you for participating!
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The Prize

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