Family Festivities 2021

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Family Festivities 2021
The Recap
With this mission, we were looking for fresh and up to date content showing the various family festivities awaiting us in fall and winter in all its different forms: e.g. Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and more, no matter if it’s a Jewish, Islamic, Christian or other kind of holiday.
After months of isolation due to Covid restrictions, family and spending time together have become increasingly important and value. Our customers are always looking for authentic, fresh content that shows young to old generations together - for example, putting on costumes and going door to door on Halloween, sitting at a fully set table with the whole family at Christmas, baking together, carefully decorating, lighting the lights for Hanukkah, ...
We challenged you: How can these festive traditions be presented in a modern way, e.g. in inclusive, contemporary family concepts or through an individual, creative interpretation of the traditions? Also in 2021, what role did technology play in all of these traditional rituals - and in what ways could this unite different generations, from infants to grandmothers?
Thank you for all your submissions!
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The Prize

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